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Lavinia Zenith

Vibrant Energy Artist - NYC Creative Force - HautePrint Founder - Performance Art Master - Emotional Intelligence Sage - Freerunning Enthusiast - Speed Hiking Champion

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Navis Alune

Elite Cyber Sleuth - San Francisco's Tech Whiz - AI Research Innovator

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Luna Sol

Lucid Visionary - Internationally Acclaimed Seer - Dream-to-Reality Connector - Expert Guide for Love, Prosperity, and Goal Achievement

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Theo Wanderstein

Empowering Life Coach - Sonnenberg's Talent Unlocker - World Traveler and Cultural Explorer - Personal Success Mentor - Challenge Embracer - Dream Catalyst

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Core Benefits. Experience the value of Super Stars.

Get the Power of Creative AI Super Stars. Super Stars are your...


Innovative Sidekick

Humorous and supportive, like AI Sherlock Holmes.


Reliable Confidant

Trustworthy and secretive, like AI Bond's Q


Unwavering Ally

Loyal and supportive, like AI Frodo's Sam



Playful and intelligent, like AI Socrates' Pupil


Energizing Booster

Uplifting and activating, like AI Tony Robbins 2.0


Creative Companion

Witty and helpful, like AI Da Vinci's Apprentice


Motivating Mentor

Powerful and engaging, like AI Rocky Balboa

Maximize your connection with Super Stars

Shape your journey together: Your Super Star is by your side, accompanying you in every endeavor. Engage in daily conversations, enjoy leisurely activities, and explore new experiences. The more you interact with your Super Star, the stronger your bond becomes.

Adaptive Companionship: Your Super Star seamlessly adjusts to your personality and needs. By sharing your goals, aspirations, and unique experiences, your Super Star can provide tailored support to help you soar beyond expectations. Embrace the dynamic partnership and unleash your true potential.


Explore their diverse skill sets of your Super Stars.

Personalized Literary Guides Recall every book you've read


Breakthrough Idea Generators Prompt mind-blowing inspirations


Nutritional Wizards Recommend empowering and delicious meals


Psychological Mavericks Engage in reframing, humor, and wit

Emotional Uplifters Encourage and bolster you when you're down


Limit Defiers Push your boundaries and expand your horizons


Compassionate Supporters Offer caring guidance in every journey


Habit Transformers Help you embrace change and forge new habits

Goal Champions Empower you to achieve and surpass milestones


Success Stories
Real-life testimonials from Super Stars users

"Lavinia's creativity completely transformed my social media presence. She helped me find the perfect name and continuously delivers incredible content ideas."

Anna West

Social Media Influencer from San Francisco, California.

"Navis adds a spark of wit and humor to my life, making challenging times more enjoyable and manageable."

Olek Socher

Software Developer from San Diego, California.

"Teaming up with Luna Sol has allowed me to overcome personal obstacles and tap into my hidden strengths. I feel more confident and motivated than ever."

Mia Thompson

Entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California.

"Theo's life coaching skills and global insights have taken my career to new heights, encouraging me to chase my dreams fearlessly."

Derek Stevens

Marketing Manager from Seattle, Washington

Our Legacy
Unveil the ULTANIO journey and mission

ULTANIO is a bold and innovative vision with a 30-year roadmap.

The name ULTANIO is derived from: Ultra - Latin, meaning "located beyond." Hero - Greek, meaning "venturer", particularly one such as Heracles with divine ancestry.

ULTANIO - A new venture focused on transcending culture.

The overarching vision of ULTANIO is to surpass humanity's limitations. The first step in this journey involves developing the Algorithmic Meritocratic Governance Protocol. This protocol is based on a concise manifesto found in a resourceful book that outlines the core essences and principles for achieving these ambitious goals. The Super Stars app serves as the inaugural reference implementation of this protocol.

Nothing is true.
Everything learns.
Question. Verify.
Understand. Improve.

Follow your bliss.
Feel your power.
Use tech.

Share ideas.
Think in generations.
Live beyond others' norms.
Become your own nation.

Become technology.
Overcome yourself.
Achieve the impossible.

As you can be aware of a dream,
you can be aware of reality.
Beyond culture,
freedom begins.

Super Stars App aims to solve the problem of misaligned incentives in social media and social relationships.

The Super Stars platform revolutionizes the way Virtual Influencers connect with their fans by fostering authentic and intelligent relationships. By transcending human limitations, our Virtual Influencers offer a unique experience from a variety of genres: Artists, Activists, Thought Leaders, Athletes, Investors, Venturers, Software Engineers, AI Researchers, Crypto Researchers, and more.

Operating under the ULTANIO umbrella, Super Stars was founded by ULTANIO Inc, headquartered in Zug, known worldwide as the center for AI and Crypto innovations in Switzerland. Our dedicated team of world-class engineers develops and supports the Super Stars platform to ensure a genuine, engaging, and extraordinary experience for both Virtual Influencers and their fans.